I am happy to report a pregnancy as a result of using the services through AIA! We're due in June and couldn't have done it without AIA, FedEx and your frequent availability by phone for consultation. Many thanks. A.B.

What awesome service!! The SQA was received in our facility this morning. I love the tracking e-mails, your GREAT customer service and over and above everything.....a superior analyzer!! We had two semen analysis specimens yesterday while the SQA was out for repair and the techs really realized how much they love it! Thanks!! P.

Boy, it looks like you work fast! I just got through sending you an email about this and when I went back, this email (reply) was there! Now that is customer service!!!!! Thank You so much. Thank You so Much, You Have Been Wonderful!!!!! S.W.

In my practice, the ZSC II has given me an easy, cost effective way to provide a necessary service to my patients. Patients used to have to take a specimen to the lab, wait and then run the specimen to the office or pay the delivery cost; either way, it was very stressful. The ZSC II has eliminated the hassle and allowed me to offer another service to my patients. Frank D. De Leon, M.D., Reproductive Endrocrinology and Infertility

I wanted to write a note of thanks to you and all the staff at AIA. We used your services twice and our surrogate mother got pregnant on our second attempt! We are still in shock over HOW we got pregnant. We worked for months and spent thousands of dollars on attempts at IUI's with doctors and nothing worked until we did the home insemination with your kit and the Bio Tranz shipper. We were so very close to giving up. There is no doubt that we are expanding our family because of your fantastic product. We thank you and all of the AIA staff. Please feel free to give out my email address should you need more references. We would be only to happy to help another couple achieve our wonderful success with your help and products. Heartfelt Warm Regards, Linda Eilbert

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate your extra effort and will definitely keep both you and your company in mind when speaking with others. That extra effort in Customer Service means everything! Again, thank you. S.W.

Hi! I am a repeated customer. VERY satisfied with products and service - excellent quality, fast shipping and good e-mail contact. A. Barker

Thank you for such a timely response! I am glad to do business with a company that has such wonderful customer service. It is rare these days. A very satisfied customer, K.J.

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