Biotranz Test

Before proceeding with using the BioTranz for semen shipping purposes, it is recommended to first confirm that the semen to be shipped contains sperm which is of good quality and that it would be able to survive the "cooling down" and shipping process. Without this initial evaluation of the sperm, there is a possibility that you may be shipping poor quality sperm, or in some cases, dead sperm or no sperm at all, and expect to achieve a pregnancy via either artificial insemination (AI) or other modes of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART).

Latest reports from our Research and Development Department have shown that fresh sperm loses a maximum of 10-20% motility after cooling and shipping using the BioTranz. With normal, healthy sperm, this drop is not significant enough to impair fecundity. However, sperm that are suboptimal may suffer a greater drop in motility which could result in loss of fertilizing ability and subsequent onset of pregnancy.

In light of this, we at the Andrology Institute of America (AIA) have developed a highly specialized "BioTranz Test" to qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate sperm to ensure that when it arrives at its final destination, that it would be of adequate quality and, when used for artificial insemination or other ART procedures, it could result in a pregnancy. We, as experts in the field of Andrology and also as the developers of the BioTranz technology, highly recommend that this test be done prior to any shipping of semen for reproductive purposes.

To Order a BiotranZ Survivability Test, visit our store at ZDL, Inc.


This special package will include the following:

  1. One BioTranz Semen Shipper.
  2. Two-way shipment of the BioTranz Semen Shipper to your destination and back to us.
  3. A Routine Semen Analysis, including Critical Morphology. 
  4. A Longevity test (24hr).
  5. A Detailed report regarding the sperm measurements performed, as well as the survival of the sperm after 24hrs of production and shipment, with recommendations will be made available to you or your physician regarding the overall results within a few days. 

The BioTranz™ is sent to the end-user via a reputable "overnight shipper" with complete instructions on how to collect the specimen and prepare it for shipment back to us. There will be no additional hidden charges to you.

The "BioTranz Test" can save you precious time and money, by ensuring that the sperm that you are shipping is suitable for achieving a pregnancy. 

Please take the time to call us to make the arrangements for the "BioTranz Test". You may do so by calling 1-800-998-4567. Also, you may ask to speak to one of our Male Infertility expert personnel, if deemed necessary.

You should have a valid credit card ready at the time that you are placing the order along with the physical address to where the BioTranz is to be shipped (No P.O. Box addresses are accepted).

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