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Professor Dr.Zavos
"The Father of Andrology"

Special Note
One of a Time Opportunity

Professor Zavos began a World-wide effort to consult with patients wishing to have a baby and overcome their reproductive difficulties. If you like to be seen by Dr. Zavos and receive his assistance and counseling, please write to us and provide us with a short personal history. The Professor is routinely scheduled to be seeing patients in Limassol, Cyprus, Muscat, Oman, Istanbul, Turkey, New Delhi, India, Athens, Greece, Beijing, China and Alba, Saudi Arabia during this year, 2013. We have a limited number of slots for those upcoming meetings and therefore, your prompt inquiry will be very advantageous. We will schedule you for any of the upcoming meetings at those locations as soon as we hear from you. We will provide you with more specifics about the location and the cost of such consultation after we hear from you. Do not miss this one of a time opportunity.
Prof. Zavos will be in Cyprus on April 25 - 28; Make your appointment now!

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"Treating Infertility is Our Passion and Our Business"

NOTE:  Cyprus consultations for November are nearly full, to get the last few spots register here

Welcome to Parenthood

Today, one out of every six couples of childbearing age is unable to have a child. Dealing with infertility is traumatic, costly, time consuming and emotionally draining. Although science has made dramatic headway in identifying and solving problems once thought hopeless, there are no medical solutions for many couples. Those who haven't had the experience cannot presume to understand the agony of the long and frustrating search for fertility.

The Andrology Institute of America-Middle East (AIAME) offers childless couples several methods to achieve parenthood. Our most widely used method is ovulation induction-ovulation prediction and artificial insemination using processed spermatozoa via Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). The advantages are clear: the husband and wife are the biological father and mother and the couple is involved in selecting the mode of treatment and there is no prolonged waiting period.

We can also arrange for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) with a number of different variations and options (Assisted Reproductive Technologies). This alternative offers the same advantages as traditional IUI parenting, it makes both the husband and wife biological parents and it corrects a number of deficiencies that the couple may have that can prevent them from having a child. We also offer additional options such as oocyte donation, donor therapeutic insemination and others to assist the couple with their demands for success.

We have been involved with the treatment of infertility for a number of years all resulting in healthy births. We find our efforts extremely rewarding to all of our staff and all of our patients. In recent years, more and more of our clients are from various locations around the country, the Middle East region and from around the world.


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The Andrology Institute America - Middle East (AIAME)

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