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  BioTranz Semen Shipper

The Original chilled semen shipper. The BioTranz™ was developed specifically for human semen transport.
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  Home Semen Analysis

It is now possible to have your semen analyzed without having to leave your home with the new Home Semen Analysis Kit. All you have to do is collect a semen sample and send it to us via an overnight carrier and we will mail you a detailed, comprehensive report on your semen quality and provide recommendations.
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  Home Semen Freezing (Cryopreservation)

We now make it possible for you to store your semen for future use without having to leave your home. The all new Home Cryopreservation Kit does it all for you. All you have to do is collect a semen sample and send it to us overnight and we will freeze and store your specimen for up to one year. It's as easy as that! This service is also available for male cancer patients prior to undergoing chemotherapy that wish to preserve their sperm for later use in establishing a family. Our facilities at the Andrology Institute of America maintains a state-of-the-art cryogenic facility for freezing and storing your semen, as such. Do not go for other facilities that try to offer a similar service because they will sell you imitations of transporting semen shippers and very poor service for storing your semen via the overnight semen shipping principle. We developed and refined this technology almost 20 years ago. Do not cut corners because it pays to work with a winner.
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  Home Gender Selection

Home gender selection is a convenient and simple way to "up the odds" on having a baby of the desired gender. With our BioTranz™ technology you can send us a semen sample, and our technicians will sort the male and female sperms and send them back to you for artificial insemination.
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