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Hygen KitAlthough there are instructions for use of the Hygene™ Kit on its package, there are a few other instructions that you need to be aware of before you begin to produce the specimen. Intercourse is the preferred method of obtaining your semen sample, however, if needed, the specimen may be collected via manual stimulation (masturbation) or coitus interruptus (See Step 6 below).

You should remove the TYB (yellow colored media) that you placed in the freezer before and rewarm to body temperature by placing it in a glass of warm water for 20-30 minutes before you begin to produce the specimen. To produce the seminal specimen you may follow the directions given by the manufacturer of the Hygene™ Kit with some modifications as described below. Preferably, there should be a 2-4 day period of sexual abstinence prior to the collection to maximize the recovery of the number and quality of collected sperm (See References 1 and 2 below).

    The Hy-Gene Kit contains a fertility condom, funnel, transort vial and label.
  1. Have small, clean scissors available prior to collection via the Hygene™ Kit method.
  2. Wash and dry hands and penis.
  3. Remove plastic wrap from carton. Holding carton upright, use your thumb to break perforation around carton and then remove top portion.
  4. Remove fertility condom from funnel and place against top of erect penis. To prevent trapping air, hold reservoir tip while unrolling condom onto penis.
  5. Proceed naturally and refrain from penetration and ejaculation for as long as 5 minutes in order to elicit maximum sexual stimulation (Reference 1 below). After ejaculation, hold open end of condom to prevent slippage.
  6. Once erection has subsided, remove condom being careful not to spill any semen. (If semen is to be collected via masturbation proceed with step 7, placing semen in funnel and into the vial, then following step 9 through step 15).
  7. Hygene
    The specimen is collected then extracted from the condom through the funnel and into the transport vial.
  8. Place funnel in vial (blue top test-tube).
  9. Holding reservoir end of condom over funnel, use scissors to cut a small slice in tip. Carefully squeeze all possible semen from condom (see diagram on Hygene™ box).
  10. After all semen has collected in vial, (test-tube) remove funnel and discard funnel and condom.
  11. Remove and dry the TYB bottle from glass of warm water. Open the TYB bottle carefully and pore all contents in the vial with semen and seal vial with cap. Shake gently 3-4 times by inverting the vial.
  12. Complete identification label and apply it to unprinted portion of vial (test-tube).
  13. Place the vial in the middle slot on the top of the styrofoam core (where TYB was). Place the separator cover (thin piece of styrofoam with two holes) over the test-tubes.
  14. Hygene
    The funnel is discarded and the transport vial is sealed and labeled
  15. Place the frozen blue cold pak on top of the separator cover.
  16. Place the lid on the styrofoam container and seal it with a strong shipping tape to secure the container lid to the box. Circle the container with your shipping tape in the slots on the outside of the box. Also, tape the circumference where the lid meets the box to prevent cool air from escaping.
  17. Place the styrofoam container in the corrugated shipping box provided and seal it securely with your shipping tape. Make sure the furnished pre-addressed shipping label (Federal Express USA Airbill) is properly attached to the shipping box. For specific instructions for shipping, please refer to Shipping Information. Hygene Kit contents Semen Specimen Collection Discard Funnel


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  2. Zavos, PM, Seminal parameters of ejaculates collected from oligospermic and normospermic patients via masturbation and at intercourse with the use of a Silastic seminal fluid collection device. Fertil. Steril. 44:517, 1985.
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